Work Injury

Ergo Rehabilitation offers physical or hand therapy for the injured worker. Our team of Physical Therapists, Certified Hand Therapists, and Insurance Specialists understand the special needs of a person injured on the job.

After receiving information on your Workers Compensation Claim, our Insurance Specialist will assist you in the process of obtaining authorization and scheduling for treatment. Depending on your injury, you will then consult with a Physical or Hand Therapist. Your therapist will thoroughly evaluate your goals, medical history, injury and any additional factors contributing to your condition. After gaining an appreciation of your condition and needs, your therapist will devise a customized treatment plan that will reduce pain and restore optimum function.

Our therapy treatments typically include a combination of manual therapy techniques, specific movements, and patient education. We may use modalities to help control pain, reduce inflammation or improve your healing tissues reaction to movement or injury. Whatever your needs, our therapists will guide you through the rehabilitation process to best optimize your function and minimize or eliminate your pain.