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Welcome to Ergo-Rehab
for Physical Therapy in Fremont

Ergo Rehabilitation is a therapist owned clinic offering physical, occupational and hand therapy for patients with orthopedic or neurologic conditions. Our rehabilitation team is committed to providing the highest level of care in a warm, welcoming environment so you are best able to achieve your goals and improve the quality of your life. Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Mandarin and Hindi

Physical Therapy

Ergo-Rehab Physical Therapy

Ergo Rehabilitation provides outpatient physical therapy services for clients with orthopedic or neurologic injury. Our skilled therapists will assist you through the process of rehabilitation and teach you how to prevent or manage your health condition. Contact our office to see how we can best help you meet your goals.

Work Injuries

Ergo-Rehab Work Conditioning

Ergo Rehabilitation offers Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy for injured workers. We offer convenient appointment times and are contracted with most Workers’ Compensation Carriers. Call our office so that we can assist you with your claim, schedule your therapy, and begin the process to recovery.

Hand Rehbilitation

Ergo-Rehab Hand Rehbilitation

Ergo Rehabilitation proves outpatient hand therapy with a Certified Hand Therapist. Whether the nature of your injury is traumatic or cumulative, our highly skilled therapists will assist you through the rehabilitation process. Contact our office so that we can work to optimize your function and minimize or eliminate your pain.

"I am very pleased with my therapist (Bonnie Yen) and quite impressed with her sticking to my regiment when I feel I can’t make it. Then to find out I am improving from her efforts with the therapy…. I realize improvement comes with time and with patience so I say cheers to her for helping to improve my condition."

Hilda J.

"I am very happy and satisfied by doing my therapy at Ergo-Rehab. They always ask me, make sure, I am doing my therapy correctly which is very important during the therapy and after therapy to heal faster. Marlene and Patrice are very professional."

Bhanu T.

"My experience here was great. The staff here is awesome and very nice. They did a great job with teaching me what to do. I would recommend them to anyone who has an injury."

(patient of Usha) Jason R.

We support our community and participate in charitable giving to various organizations, including Furry Friends Rescue.